Other Fees------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Club Operation  Fee-----------------------------------------------------------------------
(Team  Operation Fee Due April, 2013 )
IQ Ballers Club Fees 
The Club Fee Can Be Paid In Full Or  Monthly

July, 2013 Club Tournament Fees 

August, 2013 Club Tournament Fee

Annual Operation Fee 
$37.50 per player

All Other Fees May Be Paid Using The Other Fee Button 

****** PLEASE NOTE****** 
Fees Are Not Based On A Play As You Go System
All IQB Player's Are Required To Pay Club Fees 
IQBallers, inc
Pay Club Fees 
Please Note:  Add Note In Special Instruction On PayPal Page Before Clicking Pay To Insure Payment Is Posted Correctly (ie. Players Name, Tournament Date, Uniforms, Reason For Payment etc.)
2013 Uniforms------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
Gym Weekly Fee - Rancho Corodva Event Center---------------------------------
          *******PLEASE NOTE: FOR APRIL, 2013 ONLY********
July, 2013 Club Tournament Fee--------------------------------------------------------

Aug, 2013 Club Tournament Fee--------------------------------------------------------
July & Aug, 2013 Club Tournament Fee-----------------------------------------------