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June 3, 2013

1)  IQB's practices are NOT open, please DO NOT invite people to the team practices without prior approval from the head coach.  NO EXCEPTIONS

2)  IQB's tournaments are NOT pay as you go, please DO NOT invite players to scheduled tournaments without prior approval from the head coach NO EXCEPTIONS

3)  All fees and payments are to be paid using PayPal on IQB's website, credit cards and checks are accepted using PayPal.  No monies will be accepted in person  NO EXCEPTIONS

4)  To prevent the interruption of the volunteers regular jobs and businesses, we would request that all calls and text messages are forwarded to the IQB's Organizations direct phone number, you may also contact IQB via email. All calls, text messages and emails will be answered in a timely manner.  

5) To participate in the upcoming tournaments and practices all players must have a current AAU membership card on file and all agreements and waivers signed and forwarded to IQB's office.   NO EXCEPTIONS 

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